– What’s up guys?

It’s Jeremy with Shooters Source.

I wanted to talk to you about
my Tactical Games rifle.

(gun shooting)

(rock music)

(gun shooting)

Let’s start at the tip here.

I am running a four-pronged flash hider.

You can run a A2 flash
hider, a stretched A2,

a suppressor, three- or four-pronged.

I just chose the four-pronged.

I had one layin’ around,
I threw it on there.

It’s good to go.

Moving back, I’ve just
got a 16-inch barrel,

and this thing, a hand
guard going over it,

whatever fits you.
There’s no right or wrong,

long as it’s quality part.

And then with the new 2020 rules,

I threw a scope on here.

I’ve been testing it out,

have not had a problem without relief.

this is the Vortex 1-4 PST.

It’s one of their older scopes that I had,

and it’s pretty lightweight.

It did not add…

I think, when I weighed
it, it added six ounces,

the scope and the mount,

compared to the previous
red dot I had on this rifle.

This rifle I’ve had for a while.

I had it for some other reasons,

and I’ve reconfigured it to fit.

I didn’t want to go out and
buy a new rifle just for this,

but you can easily just reconfigure it.

So I threw the scope on there,

tried it out.

So far, so good.

The practice sessions I’ve had with it,

with the heart rate high
and stuff like that.

I haven’t noticed any
issues for me, personally.

I’m pretty good about mounting the gun

and getting my cheek in the right place,

very consistent at that.

On the scope covers,

because we will be dragging these, dirt,

thrashin’ the hell out of it.

I just simply put…

I don’t know if you can see it.

I put some zip ties here and here

on the bungee of the scope covers,

so when I do need to shoot
I just pull them off,

but they stay in place,

and if I go on a long run,

if it’s raining, whatever it is,

I’m kind of able to protect that

and still have a good sight picture

when it’s time to shoot again.

Now one thing I need to
add before the next event

is part of the new 2020 rules.

If you’re running a magnified optic,

you have to have off-set iron sights.

So I’ve got some of those on order.

They’ll be in soon, and
I’ll get those put on.

Right now I still got the traditional ones

that just go at twelve o’clock,

but off-set irons are
gonna be a requirement

if you’re running a scope.

Moving back, it’s pretty much figuring out

which trigger, which grip.

If you’re building yours…

This one is a Frankenstein
that I built, like I said.

It’s just finding something reliable.

To the stock. If you notice,
I got a fixed stock on it.

Like I said, you’re gonna be

abusin’ these rifles pretty good during

the course of the event.

It’s not an intentional abuse,
but when you’re competing,

you’re trying to save sackage,

you’re not necessarily
being gentle on them,

or I’m not, anyway,

and so there was no reason for me to have

a collapsible stock.

That was one more moving part
that could potentially fail.

The likelihood of a good-quality
adjustable stock failing

is slim to none.

I think it’s probably more in the head,

to be completely honest,
but why chance it?

So I like, even when I do
have to run classical stocks,

I run them all the way out,

and on the few guns that have them,

I do it because I need it to

fit in a gun bag or fit in a
strategic spot in my vehicle,

something like that.

That’s a good reason to run one.

For this, being a Tactical Games rifle,

I didn’t have a reason
to run a collapsible,

so I just went with a fixed stock.

That’s it, guys.

That’s a 5-5-6 platform,

and the key thing is a good quality rifle.

It does not have to be anything fancy.

You want something that’s
robust, that’s gonna run.

So check it out, play
around, see what you think,

and if you got any
questions, shoot me an email.


Be happy to answer all your questions.

For a complete list of the rules,

you can go to the Tactical Games website

and they will break down

everything you can and
cannot do on a rifle.

I just wanted to give a
good oversight of, kind of,

what I’m running and what
I’m experimenting with,

and hopefully it’ll answer
some of your questions.

Appreciate you guys for watching.

(rock music)